Monday, September 25, 2017
John TCampbell

John Campbell has been practicing specialized ministry for more than 40 years. In addition to his counseling and administrative background he has engaged in a journey inward in order to experience the deeper soulful self. He values the disciplines of meditation and centering exercises to create a space that slows down the anxious worry ridden mind that dwells on the past or tries to establish a non existent future. Connection with others through group experiences supports individual spiritual development and deepens awareness of the true self. He, thus, offers Circle of Trust groups based on the work of Parker Palmer as a way to speak and be heard. Being heard without judgment is a precious experience often bringing  tears of release. Another offering is a joint trust-organizational group that enhances mindful reflection about how a clergy person can bring more of themselves to their organizational work. Often there is great pressure in the parish to leave a sense of self in favor of the pastoral role. A return to self awareness is crucial. John Campbell is offering these several experiences through the Potter's Touch.