Monday, September 25, 2017


Ned offers spiritual direction to individuals and groups, and he is happy to provide introductory talks and workshops about spiritual direction when invited.  In addition to his undergraduate training in religion and his MDiv from Duke Divinity School, Ned has also received an additional 2 years of specialized training in spiritual direction from the Haden Institute.  

As a spiritual director, Ned sees himself as a partner with his clients in the process of listening for and discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit within the client's life and experience. This listening happens in an atmosphere of non-judgmental presence, which invites the client to honestly explore his or her life and conscience with an eye toward discernment and reconciliation:  with God, with self, and with others.  Spiritual direction sessions can look very different depending on the needs of each individual.  Nearly always there will be time for silent meditation and prayer. Most sessions will include conversations about the daily life and concerns of the client. Many sessions may include exploration of spiritual biographies, Lectio Divina, various other spiritual practices, dreams, creativity or vocational crises. Nothing is off-limits in spiritual direction, and Ned is always open to the exploration of daily life for the sake of rediscovering a sense of the depth, wonder and awe that is constantly available within and all around us.  He does specialize in working with dreams as a spiritual discipline within groups and with individuals, and he also loves teaching and leading workshops related to dreams, spiritual growth and spiritual development.